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Breeder Referral

Locating a Breeder
If you wish to find a breeder in your geographic area, please click on your area of the map below, indicating where you live. You will be able to then send a message to the JCCA Breeder Referral Team coordinator in your area. They will contact you for further assistance. Thanks for choosing the Japanese Chin to be a part of your family.

The breeders who are listed in the Breeder Directory are members in good standing of the Japanese Chin Club of America (JCCA). They have signed and pledged to uphold the Club's Code of Ethics, and who requested to be listed herein, although the JCCA has no ability to supervise or investigate to verify that the Code is upheld. The Breeder Referral List is provided for the sole purpose of reference for those searching for a Japanese Chin dog or puppy. The Club and its officers and directors make no endorsement of any person on this list. Under no circumstances does the JCCA recommend or guarantee the dogs of any listed breeder, nor does the Club assume any responsibility or liability for the health, quality, or temperament of any dog, nor for other representations, either expressed or implied, made by any JCCA member who is listed in this Breeder Referral. It is further understood that any contract entered into by a buyer and any of the breeders on this List is between the buyer(s) and seller(s), as individuals, and the JCCA is not a party thereto nor responsible for the terms contained in any of said contracts. For comments or questions regarding the breeder referral program, please contact the JCCA Breeder Referral Committee Chair
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