JCCA Policies and Guidelines
Breeder Referral Committee Guidelines
(October 2006)

The purpose of the JCCA Breeder Referral Committee (referred to as BRC) is to provide the public with a list of JCCA Member breeders in their geographical area via the JCCA Internet website.

Breeder Referral Regions
The United States has been divided into 7 geographical areas for this committee to operate:

Region 1: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska
Region 2: California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii
Region 3: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Region 4: Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas
Region 5: Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky
Region 6: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
Region 7: Maine, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland

BRC Members
The Committee will consist of 7 JCCA Members in good standing and will be responsible for responding to the Inquires for the Region they have been assigned. The Chairperson and Regional Representatives shall not be a Representative for their own Regional area in which they reside. This allows for a fair referral system that allows “ALL” JCCA Members in good standing an opportunity to receive call/e-mail/letters from potential consumers and avoid any undo charges of favoritism with Breeders from the Region in which they personally live. One of the seven BRC members will be the Chairperson of the Committee. The JCCA Board will appoint the Chairperson. The board will also review chairperson recommendations for participating committee members.

  1. The Chairperson is responsible for selecting the Breeder Referral Committee member regional representatives. They will first ask the current BRC members if they wish to stay on as a regional representative for the upcoming year. If they choose not to remain as a regional representative then the Chairperson must find a suitable replacement for that region.
  2. The BRC Chairperson will submit the names of their recommended committee members to the board for approval.
  3. If the BRC Chairperson has a need for a co-chairperson, the BRC Chairperson may recommend to the board, one of the six committee members to fill that need. Board approval is required. Having a co-chairperson does not minimize the Chairperson’s accountability or responsibility to the Board.
  4. The Chairperson will be responsible for resolving problems within or from outside the Committee from members of the JCCA or the public.
  5. If a vacancy occurs and/or if a Committee member shall be unable to be responsible for more than one week to cover their respective Region the Chairperson will be responsible for filling that seat on the Committee until the Committee member is able to be responsible again for their appointed area; and/or until the Chairperson is able to find someone else from within the JCCA members in good standing to replace that Committee member.
  6. The Chairperson will also be responsible for submitting to the Board and the CCC for publication, a monthly report of statistics and information regarding Breeder Referral.
  7. The Chairperson is responsible to contact the BRC Regional Representative no later than the first day of the month, requesting all name changes, total amount of Inquiries, as well as other contact information, which does not refer to the name of a referral Breeder.
  8. The Chairperson is responsible for submittal to the CCC Publisher/Editor and to the Board/Officers of JCCA, Inc. by the 6th of each month. If for any reason a delay is necessary, then the Chairperson shall notify them and with a reason and when they will send in the information.

  1. Each BRC member representative will be assigned to represent a region.
  2. BRC member representatives shall use a separate e-mail address from their personal e-mail address. There are no exceptions. This is to avoid confusion from BR Inquiries and Personal Inquiries. If you cannot create another e-mail with your Internet provider for free, there are many free e-mail addresses that can be used such as Juno, Yahoo etc.
  3. BRC member representatives must contact the Chairperson if they are unable to fulfill their office as a Regional Representative, for any reason.
  4. BRC member representatives who will not be able to receive e-mail’s from Inquiries for more than one week they must contact the Chairperson and the webmaster and of the date in which they need replaced as well as when they will be able to resume their responsibilities. When needed, responsibility shifting will follow this schedule:
    • Region 1 Representative shall take over Region 2.
    • Region 2 Representative shall take over Region 5.
    • Region 3 Representative shall take over Region 7.
    • Region 4 Representative shall take over Region 6.
    • Region 5 Representative shall take over Region 4.
    • Region 6 Representative shall take over Region 1.
    • Region 7 Representative shall take over Region 3.
  5. The BRC member representatives are to respond as quickly as possible to the inquiries. If at any time, a BRC Representative encounters a difficult situation or gets a request that is outside of the BR Guidelines, they are to refer that e-mail to the BRC Chairperson for resolution.
  6. The BRC member representatives are not to recommend specific breeders. They cannot quote prices, offer stud services, or give names of breeders who have stud dogs available for service through this response.
  7. BRC member representatives will inform the BRC Chairperson no later than the 3rd of each month of all name/contact changes, total amount of Inquiries, as well as other Contact information, which does not refer to the name of a referral breeder.

  1. It is the responsibility of the JCCA members who are breeders if they want to be on the referral list. It is not the responsibility of the BRC Member representatives to contact the members who are breeders.

  1. The JCCA web site will have a page for Breeder Referral Inquires. Under the heading of “Breeders” on the JCCA web site, a map will be displayed with the seven Regions depicted by clustering together the states for each region. Someone wanting a list of JCCA member breeders can click on the Region that contains the State in which they live and an e-mail address for the BRC Representative in that Region will appear. E-mail can then be sent to the BRC member Representative for that Region.
  2. JCCA members can go to the web site, click on the Region in which they live and inform the BRC member representative regarding Japanese Chin that they have available. This information will then be added to the BRC list for that Region.

  1. BRC member representatives must send out a standardized e-mail response to inquiries.
  2. In this standardized response, the e-mail must start with the Region the BRC member represents then include the lists from the other regions. The BRC member representative must update this list as the Chairperson gives the information (i.e. Region 1, then Region 3, 5, etc.) with the addition of their Region’s list of JCCA members in good standing and updated information given to them by those members regarding Chin availability.
  3. The standardized response may be modified with any personal answers to questions the inquiry is asking. If the BRC member representative does not know the answer, they must refer them to the BRC Chairperson or appropriate Committee member/Board-Officer)

If an Inquiry makes a second contact and needs further help the BRC member representative may suggest someone else within the JCCA who is in good standing or has something available themselves. However, the BRC member representative “MUST” (not an option) send a Cc: of this e-mail response along with the original e-mail asking for this help from the Inquirer, to the Chairperson so that the BRC member representative is covered against potential wrongful accusations of favoritism or “stealing” potential clients from the Region they are representing.

Within this standardized e-mail response, the following disclaimer is “REQUIRED” and not an option. This disclaimer shall be inserted in all correspondence to the Inquirer. The standardized e-mail response and Disclaimer is included in this policy guideline.

STANDARDIZED E-MAIL RESPONSE with DISCLAIMER: The standardized e-mail response and disclaimer are as follows:


My name is XXXXXXXXXXX and I am the BRC member representative for Region X. Thank you for your inquiry about Japanese Chin.

I have included a list of breeders in your area that might have what you are looking for. They are members of the Japanese Chin Club of America and are in good standing with the club. The “Has Available” date is the date that person gave me the information. Puppies will not actually be available to take home until they are around 10 weeks of age. When talking with breeders, keep in mind that even a 6-month-old Chin is still VERY much a baby. They stay babies much longer than some other breeds of dogs. Therefore, if you are set on getting a puppy, anything under 1 year is still a puppy. If there are no dogs listed under a breeder’s name, it does not mean that they do not have puppies/adults for sale, or litters due.

You might also want to contact JCCARE. JCCARE is a wonderful rescue organization that will have adult Chin and/or young dogs. Check out their website for their history and photos of dogs available for adoption.

If you need further assistance, I encourage you to contact me again. You can also contact the Breeder Referral Chairperson for the Japanese Chin Club of America, Inc.

The breeders who are listed in the Breeder Directory are members in good standing of the Japanese Chin Club of America (JCCA). They have signed and pledged to uphold the Club’s Code of Ethics, and who requested to be listed herein, although the JCCA has no ability to supervise or investigate to verify that the Code is upheld. The Breeder Referral List is provided for the sole purpose of reference for those searching for a Japanese Chin dog or puppy. The Club and its officers and directors make no endorsement of any person on this list. Under no circumstances does the JCCA recommend or guarantee the dogs of any listed breeder, nor does the Club assume any responsibility or liability for the health, quality, or temperament of any dog, nor for other representations, either expressed or implied, made by any JCCA member who is listed in this Breeder Referral. It is further understood that any contract entered into by a buyer and any of the breeders on this List is between the buyer(s) and seller(s), as individuals, and the JCCA is not a party thereto nor responsible for the terms contained in any of said contracts.

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