JCCA Policies and Guidelines
Approved August 24, 1995
Changes-final JCCA Board approval 8-7-97
Amended by Board on October 31, 2001
Rewritten and amended by the Board on October 17, 2002
Rewritten and approved by the Board on November 14, 2006
Updates approved at Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2007
Updates approved by the Board Motion 2007-35

  • General Information
    • Specialty must be an independent specialty. The National Specialty cannot be a specialty as a part of the regular classes of an all-breed conformation show. One National Specialty and a Regional Specialty held once a year rotating geographically. Trailers shows should be included if possible. Specialties should be 3-4 days inasmuch as the growing activities requested by the members such as health seminars/clinics, education seminars, demonstrations, etc.
    • No dog owned or co-owned by the show chairperson shall be exhibited by a spouse, any relative, or handler.
    • The JCCA Specialty Steering Committee will be made available to assist and co-ordinate with the Specialties Show Chairperson, so that in the event the chairperson cannot fulfill their responsibility, the Steering Committee can take over, and avoid the cancellation of the Specialties.
    • Remember this show is not just for your area but also for the whole country. It is a JCCA specialty not an individual’s.
    • Specialty Deadlines:
      1. July 1 of the 3rd year preceding the specialties, the bidder(s) will notify the Steering Committee of their intent to submit a bid(s).
      2. October 1 of the 3rd year preceding the specialties, completed bid applications are submitted. If no bids are received the Steering Committee will proceeds with locating and obtaining specialty sites. Steering Committee will review bid(s) for completeness.
      3. January 1 of the 2nd year preceeding the specialties, the Steering Committee will submit completed bid(s) with recommendations to the Board for review and approval to send to the membership for a vote.
    • Any JCCA member that is in good standing with the JCCA and AKC may submit a bid application, if they have attended two National Specialties.
    • Any local club approved by AKC and recognized by the JCCA may submit a bid application.
  • How To Bid To Host A Specialty
    • Avoid selecting a date that falls on a Holiday. Also remember that people are flying in and the airlines will not ship dogs between June 15 and September 15. (This is the hot summer period. We must remember health of our chin).
    • The member submitting the bid application must be show chairperson and assume accountability for the Specialties.
    • Show chairperson and specialty committee heads must be JCCA members.
    • Member submitting the bid application must include a “Business Plan” with the bid application. Business Plan must include specifics concerning the estimated financial income and estimated expenses for the specialties. The financial plan must show how the chairperson expects not to exceed the budget.
    • Each specialty will have a Steering Committee member assigned to the show committee.
    • All services contracted for the specialty will have a signed contract. All contracts will be submitted to the Steering Committee for review. If assistance is needed in negotiating hotel contracts, the Steering Committee is available. The president, Secretary or Treasurer must sign all contracts listing the JCCA as the buyer of specific services for the specialties
    • No expenses will be paid without original invoices or receipts being presented. All committee chairs must submit any expenses to the Show Chairperson for approval. Show Chairperson should initial all receipts prior to them being to the Treasurer.
    • If Show Chairperson resigned, for any reason, the JCCA Steering Committee will assume show responsibilities.
    • If for any unforeseen reasons or circumstances (i.e. natural distaster), specialties may be cancelled with board approval per our by-laws.
  • Bid Considerations:
    • Site Requirement:
      • The Specialty ring size should be at a minimum of 40 X 50 unobstructed feet.
      • AKC specifies that aisles be at least 10 feet wide. This is required for access for emergencies and the disabled. All local emergency and fire codes must be respected.
      • Site Diagram must be provided with bid application.
      • Consider: viewing areas with seating, grooming areas, crating areas, waiting areas for dogs not yet exhibiting, area to seat Show Committee, where to display trophies, where to position catalogue sales, where to provide luncheon away from exhibitors, public refreshments, video-taping and photography area, easy access to restrooms, exercise area for dogs, parking & unloading area.
      • Ring setup will also require ropes, stands, tables, chairs, and placement markers
      • Judges Breed Study group mentoring space is needed at ringside.
      • A public exercise pen should be provided by show committee in accordance with AKC and at approved hotel location.
      • Liability insurance. Most sites require a Certificate of Insurance of a specified amount to be in the Rental Agreement. A copy of this certificate can be obtained from the JCCA Treasurer.
    • JCCA Motel & Hotel Requirements:
      • The motel or hotel must allow dogs in rooms and have an adequate exercise area. (Obtain a written quote from the facility with a deadline date for reservations so that the unused rooms can be released to the general public and JCCA will not be responsible for the cost of unused rooms. This will be followed by a written contract once your show has been approved by JCCA). A block of 25 to 50 rooms has been adequate in the past. Be a fair but tough bargainer when dealing with room rates and prerequisites. We are bringing in a significant level of business to that facility. Try to get hotel to put dog people on the same floor or floors.
      • Negotiating with the Hotel/Motel can be a challenge because they change ownership and staff on a constant basis. It is not unusual to work with two or more staff members at the same hotel/motel during the course of one year. If your committee has prepared a list of requirements, such as free show room, free judge(s) room(s), free hospitality room, and a low room rate the hotel/motel will usually negotiate in exchange for the banquet. When all of the agreements have been reached, the hotel/motel will provide a written contract to the show chairperson. The document should be sent to Steering Committee for review and approval by either the President, Secretary, or Treasurer.
      • During your negotiations with the hotel/motel, it is helpful to negotiate a set of rules with the hotel/motel to demostrate that the club/show committee are committed to protecting their property from damage. An example of rules negotiated in the past are listed below:
        • There will be a maximum of 6 dogs allowed per room. If the number of dogs exceed this number, the guests will be charged an additional fee per night.
        • Dogs left unattended in a guest room must be crated. Plastic sheeting should be placed under each crate in guest room areas.
        • Housekeeping must be allowed to clean a guest room (with dogs) everyday. Guest with special requests (i.e. a certain time of the day that the room will be vacant) can discuss with the housekeeping staff upon arrival.
        • Owners/exhibitors should bring their own toweling for bathing dogs. A daily investigation for missing/damaged towels will be taken. Any necessary charges will be applied to the guest.
        • The individual guest will be responsible for any damage to a guest room or any hotel damage. This includes, but not limited to, replacement costs for carpeting if odors or stains cannot be removed with traditional cleaning methods.
        • Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times, when out of the guest room.
        • The hotel and show committee will investigate any problems that are outlined above. Any guest not following the above guidelines will be asked to check out of the hotel without refund.
        • Dogs are not allowed in public areas which include lobby, restaurant, and meeting areas.

          The rules can be worked in the hotel proposal and contract. Hotels/motels that are not used to having dogs are often times more willing to open their doors to us. Also advise them of the following as well per Section 1 & 2 of AKC’s Dealing with Misconduct, the Show Committee reserve the right to retain Bench Show jurisdiction over exhibitors who names have been referred by hotels/motels as having left their rooms and/or grounds in a state that appears negligent or offensive. The exhibitor will be responsible for pickup after their dogs at the motels/hotels.

      • If having vendors at the show site on motel grounds, be sure to inquire if motel allows it. Vendors need to sign a contract with Show Chairperson releasing JCCA and Committee of all liability from damage, theft and loss. Vendors must have own insurance coverage. Vendor fee is a $100 for a 10 X 10 feet space or a product donation to be used for raffle or auction. All fees should be paid before set up. Check with motel manager concerning their security setup and determine if it will be adequate for your needs.
      • Banquet facilities are needed for approx. 30 to 70 people. You may not be charged for this room when food is being served. Be sure to inquire. Consider including a cash bar for the banquet & auction following. This cost can range from $25 – $75. Keep banquet at a very reasonable cost.
      • Meeting/hospitality room space. One room dedicated for the term of the Specialty should be sufficient for holding the hospitality room, Board meeting, General Meeting, Breed Study group, and various seminars. You may need to seat 40 to 60 people. In the past, hotels have given us this room at no extra charge but each one varies. Inquire as to what food & drink is permitted to be brought in to the hospitality room or if you can get it catered. Make sure this is written in your quote/contract. Ballrooms used for the show can also be multi-purposed for General Meetings, demonstrations, etc.
      • The accommodations must be easily accessible. Be sure dogs are allowed on elevators. It is also best if the block of rooms is reserved in one area apart from other motel non-canine guests. Be sure there are facilities available for the handicapped and the elderly, i.e. elevators to assist the elderly and handicapped in moving easily from floor to floor. Are the Show location and banquet facilities within the motel easily accessible by the handicapped and elderly.
      • Shuttle service to and from the nearby airport is advised. Must inquire with hotel regarding the hours the shuttle service is available. Try to locate a shuttle service to and from the airport that allows dogs fora nominal fee. Check with hotel about recommended shuttle and taxi services. All chins must be crated in shuttle or taxi. Try to locate a nearby campground, which also allows dogs, for campers. Check into restroom and shower facilities.
    • Show Superintendent:
      • The Superintendent of a Specialty shows must hold a license from the AKC. Show Secretaries must be approved by the JCCA Board. Request a written proposed contract with a list of the cost of postage, materials, printing, and fees to be included in the bid application and business plan. If the Superintendent is doing both the show premium and catalog, advise them as to the quantity of each. You will need to base your count on the Specialty entries plus some extra for fanciers, a quantity of approx. 100 to 150 should be adequate for the show catalogs. This will prevent any misunderstanding and overrun that will cost you considerably. The club must provide the superintendent or show secretary with mailing labels. The club secretary will send the chairperson a list of members.
      • Show Catalog: The Superintendent or Show Secretary will have advertising forms available to use to set up ads per their requirement. Find out when these forms need to be back to the Superintendent in order to help facilitate setting a deadline for ads to get back to the Advertising Chairperson. The advertising chairperson should know the requirements of the Superintendent or Show Secretary for catalog ads. A show catalog retained from previous shows could be to your advantage. IT IS AN AKC RULE THAT NO CATALOGS MAY BE SEEN IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW.
      • A suggested entry fee of $25.00 to $30.00 with a price break for puppies, veterans, and Bred By Exhibitor.
    • Trailer Shows:
      • Will this show be part of a circuit? Describe events that will coincide with this event. Joining an existing show or circuit assists in generating a larger entry. If part of the circuit, the chairperson should apply to the JCCA Board for supported entries approval. Supported Entry applications should be made in advance to comply with the trailer shows’ premium list deadline. This needs to be done 26 weeks prior to the closing date of the trailer shows.
    • Provide geographical information: describe area, transportation, and access to major highways, airports, and local attractions.
    • Additional Responsibilities of the Show Chairperson
      • The Show Chairperson will be held responsible to oversee that the JCCA Auction funds raised at the specialty are turned over to the Treasurer immediately following the Auction or at the latest, the morning following the Auction. If the Treasurer is not present at the Auction, then these funds are to be turned over to one of the following officers present at the Auction, President, Vice President or Secretary. The officer receiving these funds, if other than the Treasurer, must turn the complete Auction money over to the Treasurer within 10 business days in the form of checks received and the cash received should be in the form of a money order or a certified bank check.
      • You are responsible to hire the photographer. A signed contract with the photographer should be obtained. The photographer should agree to provide a photo album of the winners to JCCA or offer it at a discount. To see that a set of winning pictures is sent to the Chin Chit Chat Editor within two months from the date of the Specialty. The Show Chairperson is to inform the Chin Chit Chat Editor that once these pictures have been published, they are to be forwarded to the Club Historian.
      • The show chairperson must contract a local veterinarian. The veterinarian and directions to his office must be published in the premium list. A vet doesn’t need to be present but on call.
      • Inquire with hotel about the emergency services available for attendees.
      • The Show chairperson must have the money for the puppy sweepstakes in envelopes the morning of the sweeps. The JCCA Treasurer can send an advance if necessary.
      • A couple of skilled ring stewards are very important. Ring Stewards will be paid $50 (member or non-member).
      • To provide marked catalogs as follows:
        • One (1) for the JCCA Historian.
        • One (1) for the Chin Chit Chat.
        • One (1) for the JCCA Secretary.
    • JCCA Secretary’s Responsibilities:
      • Secretary must have a copy of all AKC applications that are completed by the Show Chairperson or the Steering Committee Chairperson. Included are applications for regular AKC classes inclusive of Show site and judge, Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes. The Steering Committee Chairperson is to oversee the proper completion of these applications and submission to AKC no less than 24 weeks before closing date for entries of the show. Any officer may do this and sign the application. At present, AKC has online event plainning. The Steering Committee chairperson is registered with user id and password.
      • Please Note: Available yearly at any AKC approved dog show may be obtained a condensed publication “Rules Applying to Dog Shows”. This publication can also be acquired by sending in $1 per copy to: The American Kennel Club, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606. This is a helpful publication to each Show Chairperson.
    • JCCA Treasurer’s Responsibilities:
      • Copies of JCCA. Board approved financial reports of the past are maintained by the treasurer and made available to the requesting party. This will enable them to determine costs in obtaining quotes and contracts. Any financial reports that contained questionable charges by the Board may be bypassed. These copies are to be provided by the JCCA Treasurer and must be mailed to the requesting party within 14 days following the request.
      • The Treasurer will be responsible for allocating funds in advance to the Show Chairperson. An invoice, written receipt, or written request noting the items, which funds are to cover must be submitted prior to any funds being advanced. Advancements will be made as necessary and must be maintained on an imprest basis. This advancement must be returned if unused or vendor receipts covering the amount of advance or a combination of receipts and unused funds. Advancements will be sent to Chairperson within 14 days of written request. Any major expenses will be paid via the club credit card maintained by the Treasurer.
      • Any remaining trophies, specialty merchandise, or supplies are club property and should be turned over to the Steering Committee immediately after the show. Outstanding trophies value or specialty merchandise value will not be applied or transferred from one specialty financial report to the next.
    • JCCA Steering Committee’s Responsibilities:
      • A copy of the specialty guidelines and a bid application will be sent to any member bidding for specialties. They must be mailed to the requesting party within 14 days following the request.
      • Committee must have on hand the current publication of AKC Rules and Regulations. The committee will be responsible for referring to this publication for any assistance Specialty Show Chairperson may need. An additional copy should be sent to the Specialty Chairperson who in turn must return this book. The Committee must also provide Show Chairperson with a packet containing, “The Official Japanese Chin Standard” and AKC pamphlets, “Dealing With Misconduct” and Rules Apply to Dogs Shows”, etc.
      • In order to keep controversy to a minimum over contact with judges’, the steering committee shall maintain the approved Specialty and Sweepstakes Judge’s list. The Steering Committee will contact and negotiate with judges.
    • JCCA Specialty Fund:
      • It does not eliminate the need for trophy donations, catalog advertising, raffles, or other fund raising events to offset specialty costs. An original invoice, written receipt, or written request noting the items, which funds are to cover must be submitted prior to any funds being advanced as neccessary and must be maintained on an imprest basis. This advancement must be returned if unused or vendor receipts covering the amount of advance or a combination of receipts and unused funds. Advancements will be sent to Chairperson within 14 days of written request. Any major expenses will be paid via the club credit card maintained by the Treasurer.

        The $5.00 per membership fee increase approved by JCCA. on November 1, 1994, which is to take effect with the 1996 dues, for the sole purpose of providing funds for the trophy budget for upcoming Specialties. This increase is to be set-aside for two Specialties each year.

      • The Trophy Chairperson will canvas for trophy donations. Donors may still specify specific placements as to where their donation is to be applied to, i.e. Best of Breed, etc. However, all trophy donations that are not needed for trophy expenditures up to the $500 will be returned back to the trophy fund for future Specialty use. The Trophy Chairperson is expected to try to keep trophy expenses within a reasonable amount based on past Specialties. Total trophies should cost approximately $2000. Trophies for each placement purchased shall cost at least 75% of the money donated for each placement. If an artist is used, a written bid must be obtained and agreed upon by the artist, trophy chairperson, and show chairperson.
        • The club will establish a trophy pledge fund. All funds will be used for the general trophy fund that is not specified by special requests.
        • A list of these donors will be placed in the premium list and catalog.
        • Trophies given at the Regional Specialty will be limited to Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, Winners Dog, Winner Bitch, Best Puppy, Best Bred-By, and Best Veteran.
    • Seminars And Clinics
      • Seminars and Clinics are the responsibility of the Show Chairperson in coordination with Education Committee Chairperson and Health Committee Chairperson.
      • Judges Education Seminar and Exhibitors/Breeders Seminar: When specialty bid is approved the Show Chairperson should immediately contact the Education Chairperson. The Education Chairperson will then notify AKC gazette for publication. The Education Chairperson is responsible for all arrangements except for the equipment needed such as overhead projectors, screens, video equipment, microphones, etc. Day, time, and location arrangements should be made with the Education Chairperson in order to coordinate with other show events. The Show Chairperson and the Education Chairperson will agree on final time & place but Show Chairperson will be responsible to arrange equipment rental needs. The cost of the rental will be covered by JCCA. Exhibitors/Breeder Seminar will also be coordinated between the Show Chairperson and the Education Committee Chairperson.
      • Other optional activities are the responsibility of the Show Chairperson (i.e. performance demonstrations, fun matches, costume contests, etc). All must be approved by AKC as a special attraction.
    • Identify All Committee Members:
      JCCA Board
      Show Chairperson
      Trophy Chairperson
      Hospitality Host/Hostess
      Advertising Chairperson
      Raffle Chairperson
      Make as many committees as possible. The more that work the less you have to do.
  • Expenses
    • Remember anything you spend comes off you expense account. Don’t make this a sleazy show but watch you expenses.
    • All checks must be made payable to JCCA. The show chairperson will forward all checks and receipts to the Treasurer after updating their income and expense ledger. Keep a good and updated ledger of income and expenses. Retain copies of receipts and contracts. All checks must be deposited within 7 to 14 days of receipt. As a reminder, no monies will be given without original receipts.
    • JCCA Responsibilities:
      • Specialty Judge’s expenses
        • Judge’s fee should not exceed a flat rate of $800-$900 without board approval which includes air fare and /or travel expense, mileage, tolls, parking fee. ( Negotiation by Steering Committee with judge)
        • Club will provide two night’s lodging and meals plus flat rate Judge’s fee.
        • Transportation: Club authorization of a rental car will be given under certain circumstances.
        • Miscellaneous expenses (if used) for shuttle or taxi costs to and from the airport to the Hotel.
        • Banquet meal.
        • Specialty Judge’s gift not to exceed $50
      • Sweepstakes judge expenses
        • One night lodging within the same motel facilities that are provided for the JCCA members
        • Banquet Meal
        • Sweepstakes judge gifts not to exceed $50
      • Superintendents/show secretary’s expenses
        • Premium list printing and postage, both domestic and foreign
        • Judging programs printing and postage, both domestic and foreign
        • Show Secretary’s fee or Superintendent’s fee
        • Cost of ribbons and rosettes
        • Catalog printing (advertising and sponsors should be solicited to help defray costs)
      • Site Expenses
        • Cost of site and any cleaning fees
        • Cost of renting chairs or tables, if needed
        • If outdoor site, cost of tents and port-a-potties
      • Trophies (donations must be solicited to help defray most of the costs)
      • Show Photographer
        • Deposit should not exceed $50 if required.
        • Club photos should be negotiated at a discount if not gratis.
        • Utilize the photographer that is being used at the tail shows will cut our costs.
      • Ring steward’s fee of no more than $50.00 and payment of ring stewards banquet dinner.
      • Miscellaneous expenses
        • Table centerpieces or decorations not to exceed $200 total (centerpieces to be raffled off at banquet)
        • Telephone bills pertaining to the Specialty up to $100
        • Deficit of awards banquet (if any) as well as any unforeseen charges presented to the club following show.
        • Postage, printing, raffle tickets, name tags, etc
        • Hospitality should not exceed $500. This would include refreshments the evening before the specialty starts and morning refreshments (i.e. coffee, juice, pastries, etc). No alcoholic beverages will be provided by the club.
    • Expenses not covered: Any charges not listed as to being reimbursed by JCCA that are anticipated should be submitted in writing to the Steering Committee and forwarded to Board for approval. Be sure to submit these far enough in advance. The Board must make a decision within 21 days of receipt of notice.
    • Costs in considerable excess of the average costs, based on past current Specialty Reports, will be subject to audit. Any costs in question resulting from an audit, will be brought to the attention of the JCCA Board for review and will not be paid out to the Chairperson of the Specialty until the Boards’ final decision whether or not to allow the additional costs, (JCCA Board must meet concerning the cost inquiry within four weeks of submission of costs in question). If the additional costs are not approved and the Show Chairperson has already received compensation for them, he/she will be responsible for repaying back JCCA If payment has not been given to the Show Chairperson, only those costs deemed to be appropriate will paid to the Chairperson. The JCCA. Board will have final ruling on this matter
    • Advertising and Trophy Chairpersons: Both of these positions are very important. Solicitation for advertising and requests for trophy donations should be made on separate flyers. Trophy Donation and Catalog Ads cannot be solicited for until the completion of the prior specialty.
    • Hospitality: We do not have to have elaborate or expensive hospitality. You may wish to have a room for coffee, tea, snacks, first thing in the mornings. Also you may want an open house the first night with food and drinks.
    • Show Room: table for trophies, table for ring steward, exam table for ring, table for catalog, one for show secretary. Also chairs for people to sit on. If you have vendors, table for each one of them at their expense.
    • Art Auctions have been successful in the past. Proceeds offset the costs of the specialty.
    • Donations for raffle and auction should be solicited. Raffles offset the costs of the specialty.
  • Specialty Judge Requirements
    • The judge for the Specialty will be selected according to the JCCA Specialties Selection Process
    • The judge’s contract should state that the selected judge cannot judge Japanese Chins 6 months before the specialties.
    • Sweepstakes judges will be selected according to the JCCA Sweepstakes Selection Process.
    • Awards of Merit will be given by the JCCA at the National Specialty, at the discretion of the presiding judge, he/she may include up to five excluding the Best of Breed winner.
    • Nominations of persons residing outside the United States will be accepted for JCCA Regional Specialty judging ballot. The members’ choice for JCCA Regional Specialties must be approved by AKC. Prior to AKC approval, a written statement or letter must submitted stating their intent & willingness to cover their own expenses to the specialty location. If selected to judge, JCCA would cover hotel and meal expenses incurred once the person has reached the specialty location during the show period.
    • All original receipts must be received by the JCCA Treasurer no later than 45 days after the specialty. Show chairpersons are encouraged to submit receipts as funds are expended. Receipts submitted should include the specialty expense category (i.e. decorations, hospitality, supplies, etc). A financial report will be prepared and submitted to the JCCA Board by the Treasurer. An extension of 2 weeks, but not more than an additional 30 days, will be granted upon written notification to the Board of serious illness or death in the immediate family. The Show Chairperson will be penalized a minimum of $2.00/day for each day beyond the 45 days or the extended time granted for non-submittal of the receipts when due. This charge will not be applied as a Specialty expense and will be paid from the Show Chairperson’s own personal funds. The Show Committee is encouraged to maintain a reasonable budget so that the show expenses do not exceed the revenue from this event.


    Same Class Division For Both Dogs And Bitches

    6 to 9 months
    9 to 12 months
    12 to 18months

    Best In Sweepstakes And Best Opposite Sex In Sweepstakes


    Same Class Division For Both Dogs And Bitches

    6 yrs. & under 8 yrs.
    8 yrs. & under 10 yrs.
    10 yrs. & older

    Best In Veteran Sweepstakes And Best Opposite Sex In Veteran Sweepstakes


    Same Class Division For Both Dogs And Bitches

    6 to 9 months Bred By Exhibitor Best of Winners
    9 to 12 months Open B/W with tan points Best of Opposite Sex
    12 to 18 months Open B/W Best of Breed
    Novice Open R/W
    American Bred Winners and Reserve Class
    Veterans (six years or older) must be divided by sex & to be judged after winners but before Best of Breed

    Veterans (six years or older) must be divided by sex & to be judged after winners but before Best of Breed.
    Best Puppy in the classes — If a puppy wins BOB, it is automatically Best Puppy.
    Best Bred By Exhibitor — If bred by wins BOB, it is automatically Best Bred By.
    Best Veteran — If veteran wins BOB, it is automatically Best Veteran.
    Stud Dog — Will be for stud dog and three to five of their Get.
    Brood Bitch — Will be for Brood Bitches and three to five of their Get.
    Owner of Sire/Dam need not be owner of offspring. An entry fee is to be charged if the Sire/Dam and Offspring are not entered individually in a regular class, BOB Competition or some non-regular class other than Stud Dog or Brood Bitch. Offspring will be permitted if the club permits, however, an upper limit must be stated in the Premium list. The JCCA Board must approve this change. A castrated male may be entered as Stud Dog in the Stud Dog Class & a spayed bitch may be entered as Brood Bitch in the Brood Bitch Class.
    Brace Class — Two dogs of the same breed, identical ownership is required.
    Parade of Champions-any chin that has received an AKC title.
    Junior Showmanship (optional)
    Obedience Classes (Currently JCCA is not licensed for performance events)
    Top Twenty Competition (optional) is normally after Sweepstakes competition.
    Canine Good Citizen Test (may be offered). Awards and information are available through AKC.
    Any other AKC approved special attractions or classes.
    Please refer to the AKC Show and Obedience Trial Manual for more information regarding classes. This is available through the Steering Committee.

    No champions of record are eligible for Sweepstakes.

    Sweepstakes division of entry money should be as follows: 35% of total entry fees will be retained by the Club for expenses. The remaining 65% will be divided as follows: First Place-40%; Second Place-30%; Third Place-20%, Fourth Place-10%. There is no money given to the all-breed clubs from our Sweepstakes.

    Veteran Sweepstakes division of entry money should be as follows: 10% of total entry fees will be retained by the Club for expenses. The remaining 90% will be divided as follows: Best in Veteran Sweepstakes-50% and Best Opposite to Best Veteran Sweepstakes-50%.

    • Specialty Logo: Select a Logo for your Specialty. Logo artwork can be used to help sell products such as shirts, hats and pins. Be sure to get an artist release to use the artwork on items for sale. Get a quote from various suppliers that should include minimum quantity ordered. It is wise to take advance orders by promoting your product in the Chin Chit Chat or by flyer to all members. Do not over order or you will find leftover items that you cannot sell. Leftover items value will not be transferred from one specialty’s financial report to the next. Since leftover items are club property, they will be turned over to the Steering Committee.
    • Fund Raising:
      • Various bingos and raffles are a great tradition and have been very profitable. Past successes were directly related to the work of many people who solicited donations and made donations. Don’t be shy about assigning people to visit feed & grain stores’, veterinarians, and dog show vendors to ask for donations. Ask and most of the time you shall receive something. Also, visit and contact non-dog businesses to solicit products and gift certificates. Dog food manufacturers are another good source.
      • Ads are an important source of funds. They should fully cover the cost of printing. Solicit ads from the membership, local business, and major dog food companies.
    • Prizes
      • The offering of all livestock as door prizes, auction items, raffle items , trophy items, etc. is prohibited by the Japanese Chin Club of America
    • Motel/Hotel Room Damage:
      • Show Chairperson should publish a note in show premium to the effect that members will be held responsible for damage done to their rooms.
      • Refer to Section 1 & 2 of AKC’s Dealing with Misconduct.
    • Benched Shows
      • JCCA. will not approve a benched show.
    • Steering Committee members will annually review the Specialty Guidelines for the purpose of making necessary recommendations to the Board of suggested changes. Should any AKC Rules & Regulations have an effect on the Specialty Guidelines, the committee, upon notifying the Board, should then adjust that portion of the Guidelines to meet with AKC Rules and Regulations. Any changes should be then published in a manner so as to inform all JCCA Members.

Approved August 24, 1995
Changes-final JCCA Board approval 8-7-97
Amended by Board on October 31, 2001
Rewritten and amended by the Board on October 17, 2002
Rewritten and approved by the Board on November 14, 2006
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