JCCA Policies and Guidelines

The purpose of the JCCA Membership Committee is to process new membership applications.

It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to designate specific duties to the Committee members.

Applications will be mailed to the Membership Committee Chair. If the application is complete, the Chair will send the original to the Secretary and will make a photocopy for the committee. All forms of payment will be sent to the Treasurer.

If the application is found to be incomplete, the Chair will return the application, including the payment. The Committee has the right to contact the applicant(s) with regard to the missing information.

The Membership Committee will send a letter to the applicant(s) to let them know that their application has been received; explain the process for membership and ways to contact the committee if they have any questions. Please make sure they understand that their name will be published in the Chin Chit Chat and that a minimum of 30 days is required before their name is presented to the board for approval.

The Membership Committee will prepare the applicant’s information for publishing in the CCC. The information will include: Name, address, sponsors’ names, and a brief bio taken from the information provided on the application. This information will be emailed to the Secretary to be included in the Secretary’s Report.

The Committee will then endeavor to contact the applicant(s) and their sponsors by telephone. The information gathered by the Committee, along with its recommendation of approval/disapproval of the candidate(s), will be sent to the Board in a monthly report.

After the Board accepts the candidate(s) for membership, the CCC Editor and the Membership Committee Chair will be notified of such action by the Club Secretary. The Committee Chair will then send a letter of welcome to the new member(s) and a JCCA Announce sign-up form. The Secretary will send them a copy of the JCCA Directory.

In the event that an applicant is denied membership, the Secretary will request a check from the Treasurer for the return of dues the applicant(s) tendered with the application. The Secretary will then send a letter to the applicant informing him/her of the denial and informing him/her of their rights regarding reconsideration of the application under the Club’s By-Laws. The check for return of dues will accompany the letter. This letter should be sent to the applicant(s) within thirty (30) days of the negative vote on the application, or as soon thereafter as is practicable.

These guidelines should be updated yearly as necessary.

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