JCCA Policies and Guidelines
  1. All supported entries must be approved by the JCCA board.
  2. The application must be submitted by a JCCA member to the board at least 30-60 days prior to the all breed/toy dog club submitting their request to AKC (24 weeks prior to the closing date for entries for the shows).
  3. The application should include a two-year history of Japanese chin entries (breed counts) for the all breed/toy dog club except for shows following a JCCA national specialty.
  4. The application submitted to the JCCA board should include the name of the show, show date(s), classes they wish to support, and any special trophies other than the JCCA medallions for BOB, BOS and BOW. Any special requests have t to be submitted with the application.
  5. The JCCA Board and the club are not responsible for anything other than what was submitted to the board in the original application/request.
  6. JCCA will support 2-3 All Breed/Toy Dog Club shows following every specialty. (Motion 2007-031)
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