JCCA Policies and Guidelines
JCCA Breed Mentor Requirements

  1. Mentor must be a member in good standing of the JCCA for a minimum of ten years.
  2. Mentor demonstrates a commitment to impartiality, the Breed Standard, and the JCCA Code of Ethics.
  3. Mentor meets the AKC minimal requirement of involvement to apply to judge, which is the: "12 – 5 – 4 Method": Must have 12 or more years experience in the Breed, must be a member of a household where five or more litters of Japanese Chin have been bred and whelped, [qualifying litters must have been whelped and raised on applicant’s premises], qualifying litters must have produced four or more champions.
  4. Mentor has attended two of the last five Japanese Chin National Specialties. Mentor must also maintain this ratio of 2 of 5 Japanese Chin National Specialties to remain on the list.
  5. Mentor must posses the physical energy and flexibility of schedule necessary to accept mentoring requests with a willingness to work at Institutes, National Specialties, and do individual mentoring.
  6. Mentor enjoys interacting with others and is able to communicate in an understandable, clear and insightful manner.
  7. Mentor has attended a JCCA seminar on the “Breed Standard and Mentoring”, when established. [These seminars will be offered at the Japanese Chin National Specialty each year.]

Board Approved 4/06/07

Breed Mentor Application

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