JCCA Policies and Guidelines
Chin Chit Chat Publication Policy
Approved: October 2007

  • 1.1 The Chin Chit Chat is the official publication of the Japanese Chin Club of America Inc.
  • 1.2 Direct responsibility for the Chin Chit Chat shall fall to the editor(s). Changes to the policy can only be made with board approval. In turn, the board will seek and consider input from the editor(s) on changes to the policy.
  • 1.3 The Chin Chit Chat shall be published six times per calendar year, with the closing date for each issue to be determined by the editor(s) and published in the previous edition. The Chin Chit Chat is scheduled to be mailed in February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • 1.4 The printed size will be 8 ½ X 11 inches, on glossy finish paper.
  • 1.5 The month and year of each issue should be printed on the front cover.
  • 2.1 The Chin Chit Chat shall contain information relevant to the operations and activities of the JCCA and its membership. The types of information appropriate for publication include but are not limited to:
    1. Club related activities and business, such as reports from board officers and committees.
    2. Current and annual statistics for conformation, obedience, and other performance events, supplied by the Awards Committee, Performance Committee, and/or other appropriate sources.
    3. Education and other articles of current interest, pertaining to the Japanese Chin or canine fanciers.
    4. Acceptable advertising.
  • 2.2 A "Letters to the Editor" section may be maintained at the discretion of the editor(s). If such a feature is maintained, published letters should present both sides of an issue. The letters may not contain libelous, derogatory, or accusatory statements nor contain foul language.
  • 2.3 The editor(s) may designate a particular issue to be a yearbook issue and encourage the inclusion of pedigrees. Said issue may also feature the registry.
  • 2.4 The awards committee chairperson shall provide the Chin Chit Chat a current Top Twenty and new champions report by the deadline of each issue. The awards chairperson shall also furnish the Chin Chit Chat with a list of the awards given at the spring specialty within two weeks after said specialty.
  • 2.5 The specialty chairman is responsible for mailing a completely and correctly marked show catalog for sweepstakes and regular classes to the Chin Chit Chat and for arranging for the show photographer to send the photographs directly to the Chin Chit Chat; thus, enabling the Chin Chit Chat to have all specialty information necessary for publication.
  • 3.1 The editor(s) will maintain a waiting list to determine the recipients of advertising space for the front cover and other premium pages. Exceptions and/or considerations to the waiting list:
    1. Only one front cover will be offered to an individual per fiscal year, unless no one else is on the waiting list or unless the advertiser is the national specialty winner (as specified below).
    2. The back cover will be available to an individual once per fiscal year, unless no one else is on the waiting list or unless the advertiser is the Westminster Best of Breed winner (as specified below).
    3. An individual will not be offered both the front cover and the back cover for the same issue, unless there is no one else on the waiting list.
    4. In an issue covering a national specialty, the front cover will be first offered to the national specialty winner. This will count as the said advertiser's turn on the waiting list.
    5. In the issue following Westminster, the back cover will be first offered to the Westminster Best of Breed winner. This will count as the said advertiser's turn on the waiting list.
  • 3.2 Local AKC-approved Japanese Chin clubs, at B-Match status or above, will be given one standard full-page advertisement per calendar year, paid by the JCCA.
    1. Per the discretion of the editor, the local club may opt to have two half-page advertisements instead of one full-page advertisement.
    2. Any additional advertisements will be paid by the local club.
  • 3.3 Advertisements must be in good taste and applicable to Japanese Chin or the dog fancier. Advertising that could be construed to defame or insult fanciers or their dogs is not acceptable. In cases where acceptability of an advertisement is in question, the editor(s) shall consult with the board for approval.
  • 3.4 If a claim made in advertisement is in question, the editor(s) reserve(s) the right to request the advertiser name the source of the information, such as #1 Chin All-Breed/Canine Chronicles, May 2004.
  • 3.5 All advertisers are responsible for the release of copyrighted photographs.
  • 3.6 No refunds. If a picture is used on the incorrect page, the advertisement will be published in the correct form in the following issue. For typographical errors, a correction note will be printed in the next issue.
  • 3.7 The editor(s) will make every attempt to see that all pictures are returned to their owners in good condition. The Chin Chit Chat does not accept responsibility for pictures lost or damaged in the mail; advertisers must direct any requests for compensation to the mail service used. Likewise, the Chin Chit Chat cannot be responsible advertisements that do not arrive or are late due to the mail service used.
  • 3.8 All advertising is prepaid.
  • 3.9 A listing of fees for advertisements will appear in each issue.
  • 4.1 Advertisement rates are set by the editor(s) and approved by the board. Prices for advertisements should be adhered unless approval is granted by the board. A $10 surcharge applies for non-members.
    AdvertisementBlack &
    Front Cover$150$325
    Inside Front Cover
    purchased with cover$ 60$200
    purchased separately$ 80$200
    Back Cover$100$250
    Inside Back Cover$ 60$175
    Standard Full Page$ 60
  • 4.2 Subscription rates:
    U.S. Subscription $35
    Canada/Mexico Subscription $45
    All Other Countries Subscription $55
  • 4.3 Current and prior year issues:
    Current-Year $4 (plus postage)
    Prior Year $3 (plus postage)
  • 4.4 The treasurer will send the editor(s) the foreign postage fees ($20 per Canadian/Mexican membership; $38 per membership from other countries outside the United States) by March 31, allowing time for the 90-day grace period for membership renewals.
  • 4.5 The club will provide the Chin Chit Chat an annual budget of $1,200. This budget must be reviewed and renewed yearly at the spring board meeting.
  • 5.1 The Chin Chit Chat shall be sent to all members of the Japanese Chin Club of America at one copy per member or per family membership. One copy shall be sent to all non-member paid subscribers.
  • 5.2 The Chin Chit Chat shall be mailed on a complimentary basis to judges approved by the American Kennel Club to judge Japanese Chin, provided the judge wishes to receive the Chin Chit Chat. Surveys may be taken every three years to update the list of subscribing judges. Where there are two judges living within the same household, only one copy will be issued.
  • 5.3 One copy of each Chin Chit Chat shall be sent to the historian for cataloging and preservation. One copy shall be sent to the AKC library, as long as they wish to receive it.
  • 5.4 A copy of the issue containing a paid advertisement shall be sent to the individual/business placing said advertisement, provided they are not already receiving a copy.
  • 5.5 Extra copies of the current-year Chin Chit Chat as well as available copies of previous Chin Chit Chat may be purchased. For rates see Section 4.3. Proceeds from the sale of these will be used to finance future issues of the Chin Chit Chat.
  • 6.1 The Chin Chit Chat shall be sent via bulk mail to all members, subscribers, and judges (as denoted in Section 5.2), with the exception of the following:
    1. Those members who pay an additional $18 per year for First-Class Mail.
    2. Foreign members' and subscribers' issues will be mailed at economy rate, unless prior arrangements have been made with the editor(s).
    3. At the discretion of the editor(s), individuals/businesses placing ads in the Chin Chit Chat may receive complimentary First-Class Mail for the issue in which advertised.
    4. The club president will receive their Chin Chit Chat via First-Class Mail.
  • 6.2 Members and subscribers receiving their Chin Chit Chat via bulk mail will need to notify the editor(s) of address changes by the last day of month prior to the current publication date (i.e., November 31 for the December issue). The post office does not forward or return bulk mailings. If proper notice is not given, the member/subscriber may be charged an additional $4, plus postage to receive the missed issue.
  • 7.1 Negotiate and maintain an acceptable printing contract.
  • 7.2 Solicit and receive content for publication in the Chin Chit Chat.
  • 7.3 Establish and maintain a bank account. There should be at least two authorized signers on the account.
  • 7.4 Maintain a list of current recipients of the Chin Chit Chat as required in Section 5. The JCCA membership list will be provided to the editor(s) by the JCCA treasurer.
  • 7.5 Establish and maintain necessary bulk mailing permits.
  • 7.6 Maintain account records and publish a yearly financial report in the Chin Chit Chat. A yearly financial statement shall also be sent to the treasurer and the president.
  • 7.7 The editor(s) of the Chin Chit Chat will be chosen by the board. The editor position is a two-year term. Bids for the position should be received by August of even years, giving the board an opportunity to vote in a timely fashion to allow the bulk rate permit to be prepared or renewed for the next year. Bids for the position may be received from either club members or non-members.
DISCLAIMER to be printed in each Chin Chit Chat:
The Chin Chit Chat is the official publication of JCCA Inc. and is authorized to carry official sections containing notices, reports, and commentary issued under the auspices of said club; otherwise, no responsibility is assumed for the contents. The editor reserves the right to discretionary editing. The opinions expressed in articles, columns, or letters are reproductions and do not necessarily carry the endorsement, approval, or responsibility of the editor or JCCA Inc. The JCCA logo, designed by Jari Bobillot, is club property and should not be used for personal ads and will not be accepted for publication with advertisements in the Chin Chit Chat. Items submitted for publication that are considered argumentative or libelous in any way by the editor will be referred to the JCCA board of directors for approval/disapproval for publication and may not be published in the issue for which submitted.
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