Announcing the AKC Registration Pledge Challenge Contest

Dear Japanese Chin Club of America members,

As breeders and fanciers of purebred dogs, it is vital to the health of our breed and the sport of purebred dogs, that we carry forward AKC’s message of responsible dog care, the value and importance of purebred dogs, and introduce new dog owners to AKC educational opportunities, events, and programs.

AKC relies on fees from litter and dog registrations to fund those programs and to remain the leading advocate for purebred dogs. But too often, new owners forget to register their puppies. Currently, fewer than half the puppies from AKC litters become registered.

To help further new puppy registrations your board supports the AKC Registration Pledge Challenge which states that: i

As a responsible owner of purebred dogs:

"I will encourage, assist, and follow-up with my puppy buyers to ensure that 100% of the puppies I breed are AKC registered."

Member Clubs with the greatest percentage of members who sign the Pledge will be honored at the December 2009 Delegate Meeting.

Member Clubs with the highest percentage of individual dogs registered (full or limited) from among eligible litters born between June 1 and December 31, 2009 will receive $1,000. Reserve winning clubs will receive $250. Registrations must be completed by April 30, 2010. See contest terms (link below) for additional details.

Please keep in mind that by supporting the fiscal health of AKC as well as supporting the important programs they fund, we are also supporting and protecting the rights and privileges we enjoy as owners and breeders of purebred dogs. It is no secret that AKC.s revenue has dwindled dramatically in recent years, in no small part because of decreased puppy registrations. In spite of that, fees to register new puppies and enter shows have remained relatively stable. If we want to continue enjoying these privileges without dramatic price increases (or at all!), it is vital we support this initiative. Thank you for your support.

Please click on the links below to learn more and to sign-up for the challenge!

These links will direct you to a FAQ about the challenge, contest terms, and flyers and forms.

Scott Toney,
Board Member