Delegates Parent Club Committee AOM ASurvey Results

Following are the results of the survey conducted by the Delegates Parent Club Committee. This information will be discussed at the committee meeting in Tampa in January.

RESPONSE: 73 Breed Clubs responded. This should be a representative, valid, sample for this survey. I doubt that additional feedback would substantially alter the numbers. Not all responders replied to all questions so some results are based on a smaller sample.

DO YOU AWARD AOMs: 100% YES. If any breed clubs do not award AOMs they did not respond to this survey.

ARE AOMs RANKED?: 10% YES, 90% NO. Comments: Even though not ranked some judges appear to do it anyway and some exhibitors seem to think it has occurred — especially when they happen to be first in line of the AOM winners and some in fact have advertised “1st AOM winner”.

ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS AS TO WHICH DOGS CAN BE AWARDED AOMs?: 43% NO, 57% YES. Comments: Where there were restrictions 33% were for BOB or BOS, 33% were for BOB or BOS or BOW, 27% wer for BOB or BOS or WD or WB, and 7% specified champions only.

NUMBER OF AOMs AWARDED: 41% awarded a fixed number, 56% awarded a percentage–normally of the BOB entry, and 2% awarded a number based on a grid.

The fixed numbers ranged from 2 to 10 and to a degree were related to the normal size ot the entry. 33% awarded 5, 27% awarded 10, with lesser percentages for other numbers.

For those awarding on a percentage basis 80% of the clubs used 10%. Others used 14%, 15%, and 20%.

The club that awarded based on the total entry used 1.3% (one for every 75 entries).

John P Nielsen, Delegate
English Setter Association of America
For The Delegates Parent Club Committee

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