JCCA Officers and Board of Directors Election Results

Beaumont Unit, NAP Tellers™ Report
2006 Annual election of Officers & Directors for The Japanese Chin Club of America

The following report is for the
Office of President:
Ballots counted 203
Total votes counted 198
Blanks 5
Illegal votes 0
PRESIDENT (Total votes)
Ann Jackson 133
Kathie Ann Morgan 65
Blanks 0
The following report is for
Directors only:
Ballots counted 203
Total votes counted 821
Blanks 194
Illegal Votes 0
DIRECTORS (Total votes)
Betty Stovall 131
Richard Camacho 128
Sara Ashcraft 122
Linda Bittner 108
William Schnarrenberger 107
Donna Pauley 86
Judy Hinkleman 71
Linda McNamara 68

Tellers: Carl Holder, Head Teller, Reba Murphey, PRP, LaDonna Alford, Nell & Bowen Whittington, Beverly Hatcher, and Gene Dorel, PRP.

Ballots were double checked for accuracy.

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