AKC/Eukanuba Classic

Per Mr. Sprung’s report and his comments about there being 176 Juniors in competition and he also stated that these teens are our future.

I wonder if the powers to be have made arrangements to get the Junior Finals televised.

Yes, these young people are very important to our sport and they have all worked very hard to show at the Invitational, both in show competition and academics. They deserve their minute and half of fame on TV.

Plus this would show the world that not only should the parents and kids be proud, but that we are also proud of them and it will also show the entire viewing audience that this is still a family sport.

I know that in 2005 that the bleachers were full and the people picked someone as their favorite and rooted them on. It just was not televised.

Can the Junior Finals be televised?

Bill Harris Delegate
Oklahoma City Kennel Club

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