Is it not time to support our American Kennel Club rather than allowing continued division by outside limited interest groups? The board of the AKC voted to continue within a legislative process rather than simply oppose. Obviously, more has been gained by remaining within the process than would have been with simple opposition.

Outside limited interest groups continue in their effort to further their goals by attempting to confuse, inflame and divide our AKC. Does the AKC delegate body and the member clubs we represent really want to allow other registries and outside limited interest groups to direct our AKC? Outside interest groups ‘e’ lists brag on the removal of an AKC delegate who spoke in support of the AKC. These groups solicit funds to publicly discredit the AKC, our board and our delegate body. These groups encourage participation in for-profit registry events rather than in our individual AKC club events. Now these groups are contacting AKC clubs attempting to direct votes in the annual election and encouraging clubs to work against the AKC’s positions.

To allow the AKC and its purpose to be hijacked by outside interest groups is wrong. Outside groups may share some limited interests of the AKC, but certainly not the same purpose or goals. Should not AKC members work together for the good of the American Kennel Club and not for the limited goals of others when in the AKC house?

Dr. Patty Haines
AKC board and delegate to the Cincinnati KC.

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