Spring 2006 Specialty Results

The votes were counted on February 19 – February 20, 2005. Since Betty Stovall was unable to attend, the following individuals counted the votes:

  • Peggy Frazier (JCCA)
  • Lora Hawthorne (IGCA)
  • Lydia Hollis (JCCA)
  • Trish Swagerty (JCCA)

All three ballots were counted four times with the exception of the Sweepstakes ballot. The Sweepstakes ballot was counted three times in-as-much as Peggy Frazier was a candidate. JCCA President, Judith Camacho was advised of this change in procedure.

The results are as follows:

Massachusetts Specialty 83 approve 9 disapprove

Sweepstakes Judge Selection Vote (Top Ten Vote Getters)

Sharon Fowler 15
Faith Milton 8
Thelma Carlson 7
Mark Berkel 7
Pekka Jappinen 7
Kim Schoenard 7
Betty Stovall 7
Tracy Lucchina 6
Carla Jo Ryan 6
Judy Hinkleman 5
Tommi Hooban 5
The remaining candidates received less than 5 votes.

Specialty Judge Selection Vote

Michele Billings 11
Allen Buckner 11
Charlotte Patterson 11
Michael Benson 10
Richard Camacho 10
Keke Khan 10
William Cunningham 9
Barbara Alderman 7
Robert Berndt 7
Timothy Catterson 5
Kenneth Falconi 5
Harry Smith 5
Richard Bauer 4
June Penta 4
Fred Bassett 3
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