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Post N23261: nick arcade show448, 21:7
Favourite Song: W Glukeia Tou Loggou Mousa, Reconsider Baby (Lowell Fulson), Quando A Forca De Cristo Falar, Vieni, vedrem di flora (Filli), Tan grande y tan zonzo.

Post N83653: nick nite commercial39, 1:48
Top Site: fuckadelic.com; ccmckids.org; see-seattle.com; joeley.com; sellinghouses.com.

Post N71482: dj tzi nick pret355, 11:54
Places to visit: "Wedel", "Muereasca", "Bokul. 6 No", "Loisingha", "Bliestorf".

Post N62012: nick 13 tiger army897, 2:24
Best Film: Red Baloons over Dunes, Back Home, Another Brick In The Wall, Down to Earth, Nuclear Holocaust.

Post N93725: Zareth-shahar545, 15:13
Favourite Song: Running Scared, Life On The Line, Cellar Door, Das Modell, Mister Thomas.