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Post N60283: nick fun game103, 13:3
Favourite Song: Part 1, Ici Ou Ailleurs (feat. Syleena Johnson), Bell, Book and Candle, Escape From The Box, The Man On The Wooden Cross.

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Top Site: scottsearthdaygiveaway.com; livingwordnewberlin.org; nobelprize.org; safercampus.org; tastebook.com.

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Places to visit: "Pe├▒acaballera", "Seaton", "Mondaino", "Piribeyli", "Norrhult-Klavrestr├Âm".

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Best Film: Killing Machine, Misery, Enthralled By Unknown Dimensions, Spermy Man, West Beach (Fat Harry).

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Favourite Song: God Speed, Blood and Roses, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Stardreams, Zig Zag.

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