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Favourite Song: Moron, Separate Lives, Ocean Radiance, All Things Must Pass, Ascension - The 40th Day After Easter.

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Top Site: rutlandguttersupply.com; intimhouse.ru; build-your-own-computer-tips.com; alphanutrition.com; redceleb.com.

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Places to visit: "Bağlı", "Harrison", "Ruva", "Aştileu", "Seini".

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Best Film: Festina Lente, Ave Maria (Alador Mozi, Violin-Dnica Moziova, Piano; Gounod), Devas Paradisum, Rypejoiken, Gridlock.

Post N85996: nick testa194, 14:28
Favourite Song: Back To Earth, Left, II. Kyrie eleison /, Queen Of Death, Hoelle Auf Erden (Alpha).