Registry of Chin

Sire of Distinction

Sire of Distinction is awarded to a dog that has sired twelve American confirmation champions.

SOD DateROM Date
BISS/BIS/Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei, SOD 39 October 2001March 2001
Ch. Odessa’s Hutzul, SOD 38 October 2002November 2001
Ch. Shomei’s Touch Of Envy, SOD 35 May 2003July 2002
Ch. Tosaho Preston, SOD 33 October 1998January 1995
BIS/Ch. Acceber’s Tennessee Tuxedo, SOD 32 September 1996February 1993
Can Ch./BISS/Ch. Bluemarc’s Hojo, SOD 26 October 1972November 1971
BISS/BIS/Ch. Chindales Tai A Little Knot, SOD 26 July 1993January 1993
Chanhoc’s Chico, SOD 23 March 1983April 1980
Rucky Me, SOD 23 n/an/a
Ch. Touche’s Tennessee Birdwalk, SOD 21 November 2001November 2000
BISS/BIS/Ch. Chindale Hiddenkey Survivor, SOD 20 March 2005May 2004
Ch. Yama Fortune Cookie, SOD 19 November 2006June 2006
Ch. Chaselands Alexander Lee, SOD 17 July 2007November 2006
Ch. Aver-Hars Little Mogwai Chin, SOD 17 January 1991July 1987
BISS/BIS/Ch. Eastwyck’s Evil Doings, SOD 17 August 1997June 1996
Ch. Cross’ Native Son, SOD 17 August 1993March 1989
Ch. We-Syng Featherwood Atomo, SOD 15 May 1993November 1989
Ch. Chintzu Yankees At Gayels, SOD 15 July 2007April 2004
Ch. Charmer Surprise Package, SOD 15 July 1992April 1990
Ch. Cross’ Knight Errant, SOD 14 October 1986October 1983
BISS/Ch. D’Lohr Beetle Juice Yin Sing, SOD 14 July 2002February 1997
Eng Ch./Ch. Magic Dragon Of Apoco Deodar, SOD 13 October 1987June 1986
BIS/Ch. Bluemarcs Lil’ Man, SOD 13 November 2003July 1996
Ch. Newmere Satsuma At Denstone, SOD 13 November 1999March 1998
Ch. Amatika Painted Dragon, SOD 13 February 1998July 1994
Ch. Amantra Kei Sato, SOD 13 December 1990October 1987
Can Ch./Mex Ch./Aus Ch./BISS/Ch. Miki Of Shimogamo, SOD 13 December 1983April 1982
Ch. Touche Honeycrest Helzablaz’n, SOD 13 April 2005September 2002
Ch. Chindale’s Tai Won On, SOD 12 September 2003September 1998
Ch. Makami’s Dragonseed, SOD 12 September 1999May 1994
BISS/Ch. Aver-Hars Mikado Miki Toyo, SOD 12 September 1990September 1985
Ch. Sangria Sparticus, SOD 12 June 2004October 1999
Ch. Tosaho Yes Indeed, SOD 12 July 1998August 1990
Ch. Eastwyck Acceber Wicked Ways, SOD 12 January 2006September 1999
Ch. Susho Go Hakujuen, SOD 12 December 2000May 1997
Ch. Tegalong’s Special Export, SOD 12 August 2001March 1997
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