Registry of Chin

Dam of Distinction

Dam of Distinction is awarded to a bitch that has produced seven American confirmation champions.

DOD DateROM Date
Ch. Phantasy Firefly, DOD 14 November 2003November 2001
Ch. Phantasy Lady Bug, DOD 12 October 2005June 2004
Ch. Joyal's Kustom-Made By H K, DOD 11 February 1998August 1996
Ch. Touche's Walk Dis Way, DOD 10 October 1998July 1997
Shomei's Million-Heiress, DOD 10 May 2004November 2001
Ch. Blake's Sydlicious, DOD 10 July 2006July 2005
Ch. Joyal's Rejoice At Touche, DOD 10 December 2003September 2001
Ch. Cross' Loo Kei Mei, DOD 9 October 1981April 1980
Ch. Chindales The First Won, DOD 9 November 2004November 2003
Makami's I've Gotta Be Me In-Oz, DOD 9 July 2007May 2004
Lakeview's Penelope, DOD 9 February 1997April 1992
Ch. Janlar Rikkio's Opal, DOD 8 October 2007April 2005
Ch. Touche's T. Caddis, DOD 8 October 2003July 2001
Ch. Valleja's Eensee Shasta, DOD 8 May 1988July 1986
Especially Mi Marigold, DOD 8 July 1997August 1996
Ch. Shardale Sugarbombo Shannon, DOD 8 February 2005July 2001
Ch. Shomei's Morning Dove, DOD 8 August 2007May 2004
Ch. Imperial Cute As A Buttchin, DOD 8 August 2001September 1997
Ch. Fairoak's Fantasy of J-Jim's, DOD 8 n/an/a
Honor Guard's Full Of Joy, DOD 8 n/an/a
Ch. Touche's Little Miss Muffit, DOD 7 September 2006June 2004
Ch. Jensu's Tea Rose, DOD 7 October 2006March 2005
Ch. Cross Natsu-Gusa, DOD 7 October 1987June 1986
Chindale Ceili Femme Fatale, DOD 7 November 2008March 2008
BISS/Ch. Cross' Gitana, DOD 7 November 1983January 1983
Ch. Blakes Porcelain Bisque, DOD 7 March 2002February 1997
Ch. Seamist Orient Delite O'Jeni, DOD 7 March 1992April 1990
Ch. Blake's Amai De Mistalai, DOD 7 June 2008April 2005
Phantasy Whistlin Dixie, DOD 7 June 2007June 2003
Ch. Touche' Teatime At Pongee, DOD 7 June 2004August 2001
Classic Chinel By Hi-Lite, DOD 7 June 2003November 1998
Ch. Ukiyo Mis-Ti Willow, DOD 7 June 1994May 1992
Touche's If The Shoe Fits, DOD 7 February 2001June 1995
Ch. Teabear's Jacana, DOD 7 December 1994February 1994
Ch. Elmac's Kiku De Mistalai, DOD 7 December 1984January 1982
Ch. Bluemarc's Nikko Taru, DOD 7 December 1975May 1972
Ch. Averills Su-Lin Of Shirwood, DOD 7 August 1980September 1976
Ch. Beedoc's Alijons Second Wind, DOD 7 April 1998November 1995
Touche's Princess Zoe, DOD 7 n/an/a
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